Synerlogis Expandiert In Die USA 1

Synerlogis expands into the USA

The makers of the successful CIRCULAR ECONOMY SERVICES from the north of Germany are expanding to the USA.

After Synerlogis already successfully expanded to Hungary in 2019, it is now time to take the next step. Synerlogis has founded a company in the USA and offers professional technical refurbishment as well as logistics and fulfillment in the first step on areas in the Detroit (Michigan) region. A development of locations in the west as well as in the south of the USA is planned in the medium term. 

In the last 3 years Synerlogis has sharpened its profile as a solution provider in the field of Circular Economy and could successfully support fast growing companies like GROVER and EVERPHONE in their growth. Now Synerlogis is looking to help its customers enter the US MARKET as well. “With our intelligent cloud refurbishment software, which allows to perform refurbishment for single ITEMS very efficiently, we offer our customers the possibility to scale their business easily and quickly also in the USA. The advantages are known and well-rehearsed processes, a contractual partner for the processing in Europe and the USA as well as existing connection to software”, says Dennis Loddoch, authorized signatory of Synerlogis.

The Synerlogis know-how in the field of Circular Economy is increasingly in demand. Instead of directly disposing of products in case of a defect, many companies rely on professional bulk refurbishment. After receipt of goods, used goods are checked and

and, if necessary, refurbished so that they are almost as good as new and can be used again. “With our location in the USA, companies from Germany can now grow very quickly in the USA,” adds Loddoch.

With the move to the U.S., Synerlogis will not only offer technical services related to the circular economy, but will also support online retailers from Germany with its proven fulfillment services.

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