Twelve years ago, we started as a service provider refurbishing set-top boxes and modems and were able to gather extensive experience in the rental business with products.

From these experiences, we developed our new innovative solution for the rental and sharing economy in 2016. The basis for this is our innovative software, which always knows the condition of a product.

Synerlogis was founded in 2007 in Hamburg. Started as an after-sales service provider for cable network operators and manufacturers such as UnityMedia, Telekom and 1 & 1, Synerlogis has today developed into a company that essentially offers solutions for the rental and circular economy. The strategic change was necessary in 2015, as the major network operators outsourced their services to Eastern Europe and mass processing – once the primary business of Synerlogis – simply disappeared. In 2016, the WEMALO software developed by the 4elements Group was finally acquired and converted into its own Synerlogis software, which now enables the company to support companies that rent technical equipment with logistics, refurbishment and repair services. The software recognizes every state and current location of the device and thus provides companies with a basis for subjecting products to a sustainable process.

Today, the company is in the black with the reorientation and is z. For example, the guarantor of success for one of the TOP 10 startups in Germany: GROVER. A young team gave Synerlogis a START-UP feeling and was able to enthuse other customers like EVERPHONE and MYSWOOOP. In addition, SYNERLOGIS is PARTNER of the BREKO-VERBAND and offers NETWORKING OPERATORS an all-inclusive package for the business of KabelModems and routers.

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