Circular economy initiative

The circular economy offers new business models where cycles and non-linear processes dominate. It is restorative and regenerative by nature and aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

Daumen Hoch Fuer Synerlogis

In today’s established economies, goods are produced, used and thrown away – a linear economy in which the process has a clear beginning and a clear ending. A circular economy works quite differently. Products and services in a circular economy are designed so that they can be reused in the technical cycle.

All products are manufactured in such a way that they can be decomposed naturally or re-integrated into existing production.

The aim is to throw away nothing and reduce the need for new goods, while production and transport are best achieved with renewable energies.

The circular economy is another way of doing business that forces companies to rethink everything, from product design and manufacturing to their customer relationships. One of the biggest differences is the role of the customer.

The focus is no longer on consumption, but on the use of a function.

Synerlogis has set itself the goal of developing sustainable solutions for companies in order to put the products and / or their individual parts in a permanent, recyclable process.

This ensures Synerlogis in the selection of its partners and ensures maximum transparency in all processes by means of an innovative software.

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