Synerlogis Posting Ungarn

Bulk Refurbishment by Synerlogis in Hungary

Sustainable Bulk Refurbishment by Synerlogis has been available in Hungary since 2019. This is Synerlogis’ first location outside Germany.In Hungary, the refurbishment and fulfillment service provider Synerlogis can handle larger volumes of goods at significantly better conditions. Since 2008, the company has been an expert in refurbishing and processing returns from the rental business in the telecommunications industry. The innovative, in-house software solution, and an innovative test system are continuously developed further. This enables Synerlogis to store, ship and refurbish an almost unlimited range of products. Synerlogis considers sustainable aspects Synerlogis now offers its customers the possibility to have products processed in Germany or in Hungary. And this under consideration of sustainable aspects. The Synerlogis know-how in the field of Circular Economy is more and more in demand. Instead of directly disposing of products in case of a defect, many companies rely on professional bulk refurbishment. In this process, used goods are checked after receipt and, if necessary, refurbished so that they are almost as good as new. By gaining the location in Hungary, the company has more opportunities to present customers with an economical solution that is in demand. More locations are planned for the future.
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