SYNERLOGIS takes over refurbishment of Fritz!Boxes for 1&1

SYNERLOGIS takes over refurbishment of Fritz!Boxes for 1&1

Already since 1 April 2014, Synerlogis Gmbh & Co.KG has successfully taken over the refurbishment of AVM Fritz!Boxen for the Internet service provider 1&1 from Montabaur.

Up to 500 return devices from the lease transaction of 1&1 undergo an automated function test at the location in Reinbek near Hamburg on a daily basis and are subsequently mechanically repaired or refurbished.

The standardized test system D-Site³ (an in-house development by Synerlogis) developed further for this purpose is able to check at least 36 FRITZ!BOXEN simultaneously. The system is even able to simultaneously test different unit types.

“Besides diverse function tests, our system is able to check even the WLAN-functionality and telephony,” longstanding procurator Matthias Künsken describes the new technical possibilities of the system which has been developed since 2009.

“We make constant efforts to improve the test-system D- Site³ so that we will also be able to test additional modem types for our principals in the future,” Stefan Franke as the managing director signals the willingness to invest for additional customer solutions.