What do we do?

You surely have digital television or also an Internet connection at home. To be able to receive digital television or surf on the Internet for example, you also need other technical aids apart from your TV or PC, such as a receiver or a modem.

The majority of broadcasters or Internet suppliers provides its customers with the necessary technical equipment during the contract time by way of loan. In case of dissatisfaction, after contract termination or a technical problem during the contract period, the customer must give this equipment back to his provider. Our company specialises in technical controls of return devices of all kind as well as refurbishment to be able to increase the life cycle of products and reduce the necessary purchase of new products from the provider. In addition to this, we also repair devices that have a real electrical defect and this way also fulfil the seller’s warranties for the manufacturer of the goods.
To sum up, it can be said:

We check, refurbish and repair all devices that have a plug or can be controlled by technical connections.